Savann Restaurant offers a full range of bar drinks including a wide selection of spirits, Whisky, Brandy and Liqueurs, soft drinks and beer. 

Savann Signature Cocktails


fig and rose delight $14

fig liqueur, vodka, cranberry and lime juice, rose water,

topped with prosecco


Pineapple, jalapeno margarita $14                                                     

 tequila, jalapeno liqueur, pineapple and lime juice  sour mix  


peach punch $14

vodka, st. germain, peach schnapps, peach nectar and

lime juice


harlem renaissance $14

jack daniels, countreau, pomegranate juice, club soda


cucumber basil smash $14

hendricks gin, lemon juice, muddled cucumber and basil


cherry mojito $14

Bacardi rum, sourcherry juice, muddled mint and lime  


açaí Blueberry Mojito $14

açaí-blueberry vodka, fresh lime juice, club soda,  mint leaves,  fresh blueberries


rakito $12

raki (anise liqueur) , mint leaves, cherry juice and lime


tito’s mule $ 12

titos vodka, lime juice, fresh ginger , club soda and mint


simple but sweet $12

vodka, apricot nectar, lime


 sangria savann  red or white $9

french brandy, triple sec, wine, fresh fruit juice and fruits


beers $7

efes pilsener


brooklyn lager

founders, porter dark beer

indian pale ale